It was an honor to work with some amazing women at the reading of “My Letter To Fear” by Patricia Steffy. Danielle Turchiano, Nikki DeLoach, Lesley Fera, Stevie Lynn Jones, Jen Lilley, Roma Maffia, and Carla Renata were all amazing! Thanks again!

Dennisha had the amazing opportunity to work with legendary puppeteer, Caroll Spinney, and Oscar The Grouch recently. Caroll has been the only puppeteer for Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch for over 40 years! He is an amazing and kind person and tremendously talented!

Check out The Wiggles upcoming DVD “Apples & Bananas”! It was an honor working with such talented and welcoming people! I am a special guest on the song Miss Polly Had A Dolly!

Hi Guys I just wrapped the upcoming film, “Franny”, directed by Andrew Renzi. It was truly an amazing experience to have worked with him. Check out his short film at It was also incredible to work directly with Richard Gere. He is incredibly talented and I learned so much from seeing his process while on set! Andrew Renzi and Dennisha Pratt for Franny film.


Nov 2013


Hey Guys, Here is a sweet promo that I was honored to be part of for the 2014 Winter Olympics! GO USA Follow @dennishapratt GO USA

Dennisha was on set with The Wiggles last month. They are amazing and kind people! She had a blast! Follow @dennishapratt


Jul 2013

Paranoia Trailer

The Paranoia Trailer has been released! The movie will open on August 16! Check it out! Look for me in a few scenes and lines with Liam Hemsworth! Excited! Paranoia Trailer Follow @dennishapratt

Hi guys! I’m on twitter! Follow @dennishapratt You can get the link here: Thanks so much for all the support!

Sprout has ranked the highest kids network among moms! Thanks so much for watching! Check out the article here:

Hi Guys! I’ve created a facebook fan page to keep you up to date on more of what is going on with my acting. Please check it out and like the page! It is located at I really appreciate all your support! Thanks!